Nicki Heenan | 24-25 October

Nicki Heenan | 24-25 October


Seascapes in Oil and Cold Wax

Using oil and cold wax , we will look at different ways to create luminous Seascape paintings. Building on layers of textured priming, oil and cold wax, learn how the old masters used wax to add body into their oil paint and how you can explore this technique in your paintings.

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About Nicki

Nicki Heenan's paintings are very much influenced by surface and substance. Colour is rendered in multi dimensional layers using glazing and infused with dry pigment, oil and cold wax. An Alchemy of materials are used to create a visceral response to the landscape that conveys imagination and an experience of the elements. In 2016 Nicki was featured on Sky landscape Artist of the Year where she demonstrated using oil and cold wax in Plein Air painting.

Many months of the year, Nicki undertakes research and field studies to help connect people to the fragility of natural environments and highlight the beauty of wildflowers, hedgerows and coastal paths.