Freya Horsley | 3-5 June

Freya Horsley | 3-5 June


Exploring Landscape in Mixed Media From Sketchbook to Studio

Over the course of the three days we will explore expressive drawing, mark-making and painting in response to landscape, light and weather. We will look at finding ways to retain the spontaneity of outdoor sketchbook work in studio paintings, taking the best from both types of painting experience. Starting with a day’s drawing and painting outside in the Yorkshire landscape, we will then return to Lund for days 2 and 3 to explore the possibilities that working in the studio offers. We will spend some time making interesting and unpredictable surfaces, and work towards interpreting our outdoor sketches into free and expressive paintings using a variety of media and experimental techniques.

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About Freya:

Based in York Freya has exhibited in solo shows throughout the UK.

"Led by my responses to landscape, light and weather and also by the process of painting itself, I make paintings that refer to both the permanent elemental nature of land and a more ephemeral sense of fluidity and change. In drawings made on the spot and in larger paintings in the studio, I try to capture the intangibility of the changes which rain, mist, sunlight, cloud, snow bring to the face of the land. 

I also love to record my travels, whether in Britain and Europe or further afield such as trips to the Himalayas and Canada.

I am increasingly exploring in greater depth the relationship between what is being painted and how it comes about, how much is real place and how much painted space. Drawing and making notes outside in the landscape allows me to instil in my mind a feeling of a place with its sights and sounds. However, the separation involved in making the paintings back in the studio is equally important to allow me to approach the work freely, as a painting rather than as a detailed geographical record. In the first stages of a painting, I pour and drip very liquid paint, manipulating it by tilting and moving the support on the floor and easel. Gradually I refine this process, responding to the marks and to my own sense of the space that emerges. I also often use wax, collage and other media alongside the veils of thin acrylic and oil paint, to explore these different levels of looking and ways of experiencing a place and space."

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