Emily Ball | 1-3 September

Emily Ball | 1-3 September


An Orchestra of Colour - Light and and Expression

"The chief function of colour should be to serve expression". Henri Matisse.

The best use of colour is intuitive. Like putting flavours together in cooking, sampling and making sounds in music or putting together rich descriptions and phrases for poetry. It is an exploration and celebration of language. The overall aim of this courses is to help you to be confident, playful and intuitive with colour, using oil paints and mediums. To get to this point we will explore four areas. Firstly the knowledge and use of the characteristics of all of the primary colours; how to mix them to make all the colour that you can see and imagine. Secondly transparency and opacity - increased and aided by mediums and working on different surface seeing how they respond to increase or decrease the vividness and luminosity of colours and marks. Thirdly - an awareness of how to use different tonal values to create subtle shifts in mood and light or a dramatic, expressive statement. Layering one colour on top of another can produce the most extraordinary 'Pop' and 'Shimmer'. Finally we will combine and improvise with all of these responding to sensations of touch, taste and sound to make a series of paintings that tug on the senses and delight the eyes.

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About Emily
Emily Ball was born in 1967 in Colchester Essex. She went to Exeter College of Art where she gained a BA in Fine Art Painting in 1989. She continued developing her painting, doing residencies, undertaking public commissions and exhibiting in the South East for the next 10 years. Alongside her painting she established privately run courses in Contemporary Painting and Drawing in West Sussex.
Web :www.emilyball.net