Bren Head | 28-29 April

Bren Head | 28-29 April



On day 1 we will be developing self- portraits. Loosely building surface and texture  you will be encouraged to experiment, take risks, and have fun, with a variety of media including acrylics, oils, wax, fabric, and charcoal on several different types of grounds, using simple techniques and approaches. Nothing complicated... this course will suit all levels.

On day 2 we will be observing  and working from a clothed model with one pose all day. You will be free to interpret the pose in whichever style you prefer, using information gleaned from day one.

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About Bren

Although I am fascinated by faces and portraits my paintings tread the line somewhere between figurative and abstract.

I attempt to suggest an ‘essence’ of the sitter, rather than capturing an accurate and faithful likeness.

Working mainly from intuition rather than pre meditation and through a process of creation and destruction the paint and mark making often dictate what appears.

Scratched, scarred, destroyed and re worked, with many layers and glazes, I return to the work many times until I am satisfied with the finish.

Having recently moved to a new studio in West Yorkshire I continue to extend and improve my practice  and exhibit in galleries and exhibitions around the U.K. ‘