Anna Poulton | 21-23 July

Anna Poulton | 21-23 July


Natural form – mixed media, print and paper collage
This is a 2-day workshop where you will have the time to explore the forms and structures found in nature. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of the Lund studios, the inside and outside will become our studio. Starting with observational drawing to produce a collection of studies, then a final idea will be developed through layering a range of experimental mixed media, print and collage. The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for experimentation and to encourage a more imaginative, expressive and sometimes slightly abstract approach to nature.'

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About Anna

Born in Yorkshire, I gained my Hons Degree in Fine Art at Bretton Hall College, and then completed a four-year apprenticeship in antique restoration. In 200I I set up my own successful business, making bespoke furniture and restoring antiques. I am currently a mother to my beautiful son Barney and an art assistant. My artwork has always been part of my life, which I feel reflects in my artwork. My environment and the community I live in have a strong influence on my work, my studio being at home and in the garden.

I make mixed media drawings full of playful marks and layers of texture. My work leans towards abstraction but still has an essence of the source of where it came from.

My current work investigates the shapes and structure found in nature and the world around me, using observational drawing to investigate how form and space change due to elements like light and time. My working method involves a puzzling process of creating drawings and prints full of expressive marks, then using the destructive action of ripping to reshape and find a harmony. A bit like finding the end of a tangled thread, so I can untangle it