Workshops @ Lund Studios

We host creative workshops led by professional artists and makers from across the UK. Most workshops are open to all abilities, from those wishing to learn new skills to those wishing to further develop their technique.

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Stuart Whitehead
Life Drawing Day
26th November 2017

Justine Warner
Textile Landscapes
10th March

Anthony Ratcliffe

Woodcut Printing

18th & 19th April

Debbie Loane

Experimenting with Pastels

28th & 29th April

Bren Head


1st & 2nd May

Alice Fox

Land Marks Workshop

8th to 11th May

Debbie Loane

Expressive Landscapes

15th to 17th May

Jennifer Tetlow

Stone Carving Workshop

15h to 17th May

Henrietta Corbett

Monoprint with collagraph stencils

19th May

Gizella K Warburton

Drawing with Paper, Cloth and Thread

22nd to 24th May

Nicki Heenan

Cold Wax Techniques

1st to 3rd June

Kittie Jones

Expressive Drawing into Experimental Printmaking 

6th to 8th June

Freya Horsley

Exploring Landscape in Mixed Media From Sketchbook to Studio

14th to 16th June

Debbie Loane

Exploring Mark Making

19th & 20th June

Laurie Steen RWA

Drawing and Intuition

22nd & 23rd June

Jonathan Shearer

Explore Paint Outdoors

3rd to 5th July

Sian Hopkinson

The Beauty of Ordinary Things

13th to 15th July

Jennifer Tetlow

Stone Carving Workshop

17th to 19th July

David Tress

Landscape Painting – Structure and  Expression

25th to 27th September

Suzie MacKenzie

Collagraph Workshop

6th & 7th October

Debbie Loane

The Monochrome Landscape

16th to 18th October

Classes and longer courses

We have several courses in printmaking, textiles, drawing and painting that are longer in nature - running over weeks / months. Click here if you'd like to know more...