Suzie MacKenzie

Collagraph Course

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th October 2019


Collagraph is a relatively recently-developed form of printmaking which produces atmospheric images from simple, readily available materials.

Day 1 of the two-day workshop will concentrate on making collagraph plates – the matrix from which the prints will be taken.

Cutting and pasting techniques will be used with a variety of textured materials on mountboard bases to produce several plates which will then be sealed for printing on Day 2. We will consider how shape and tone contribute to a successful collagraph plate.

Different ways of printing will be explored on Day 2 – printing by hand using lightweight papers, relief printing using a press, and finally inking and printing using the intaglio method. The characteristics of these different methods of printing will be considered. We will experiment using colour in prints by the addition of lightweight coloured papers (chine collé), coloured glazes and inking using several colours (a la poupée), as time permits.

The course is suitable for beginner printmakers as well as those who wish to develop their printmaking skills.

About Suzie

Suzie MacKenzie studied Fine Art as a mature student at Loughborough University. She returned to the Scottish Highlands in 2007 where she now lives and works as a professional artist printmaker. A trained teacher, she runs courses on collagraph for local galleries and organisations as well as from her own studio
Suzie’s work describes the landscape of the far northern Highlands in lyrical and enigmatic terms, often employing atmospheric colour through the use of digital chine collé to communicate the beauty and mystery of moments and places. It reflects a long-term personal connection with the landscape and exists primarily as a subjective response to the place’s story, topography and structures: yet whilst each image attempts to capture a particular location at a fleeting moment of individual significance, there is also at its heart an endeavour to share a universally recognisable experience.

Suzie has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is held in private collections worldwide. Her publications include a contribution on collagraph to Jackson’s Art Blog (