Pete Monaghan

Loosening the Line
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April 2019 

In this short course we will develop a move towards abstraction through the use of line drawing and identifying line qualities. We will look at ways of imbuing our compositions with tension, along with useful collage and creative print techniques that can result in paintings with more depth and sophistication.

Working in acrylic medium on board or canvas we'll integrate corrugated cardboard, takeaway coffee cups, newsprint, bubble wrap and a plethora of other everyday materials serving as fresh ideas to take our work off on unsuspected tangents.

About Pete

Pete Monaghan was born in 1961. He is a second generation Irish contemporary artist working from studios in Aberystwyth and southern Germany.

He holds an MA in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University where he presently tutors on the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Grounded in a solid drawing technique he works in acrylics on wood panel using crayons, markers, collage and spray paint. His subject matter is mainly vernacular architecture and he often retains portions of each painting as drawn elements reflecting the fragility and temporality of the structures. He considers his work part representation, part visceral interpretation.

“My work always begins with sketching on location. Subsequently re-drawing in the studio in order to interpret and understand. Only when I have drawn sufficiently do I feel the freedom to splash and pour paint, enticing abstraction, entering into a dialogue of controlling and letting go.”