Nicki Heenan

Delighted to be hosting two courses by Nicki Heenan in 2019 - a three day introduction to Cold Wax techniques, followed by an advanced weekend course for those who have previous experience - see below for details...

Introduction How to work with Cold Wax Medium
Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th July 2019

For those of you new to working with cold wax medium we will be looking at how to layer oil and cold wax medium with pigments to build surface's within a painting. The workshop will also introduce ways to make different marks and textures using a variety of tools and techniques.  

The use of cold wax medium is very versatile and and can be used by both figurative and abstract oil painters. There will be a demonstration on each technique and lots of individual support during our 3 days together.

Cold Wax Medium for this course is provided along with dry pigments and multi media board.  

Advanced Cold Wax Weekend
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July 2019


This 2 day workshop is for artists who have had experience working with cold wax or have been on a previous cold wax medium course. Our 2 days will focus on how to use advanced cold wax techniques such a pouring and glazing with the aim of developing more transparency and luminosity to cold wax paintings.

You will need to bring a few dry pieces you have been working on to develop your work. We will also look at mounting on to panel, ways of fixing and varnishing plus different supports that can be used for cold wax painting and how to prepare them. 

Cold wax medium will be provided for this course plus samples of some new products on the market.

About Nicki

Born in London, Nicki Heenan moved to New-Zealand as a child. She studied Microbiology (MSc hons) at Auckland University, Art and Music. These areas of learning have formed an integral part of her work as an artist where the experimental methods of science are combined with an abstract visualisation of the landscape.

Nicki’s paintings are very much influenced by surface and substance. Colour is rendered in multi dimensional soft layers with glazing and wax infused with dry pigment.  Nicki works in oil, cold wax, acrylic and watercolour.

You can find out more about Nicki at her website: