Matthew Harris

Back to Front and Back Again
A drawing and making workshop
Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th October 2019

“Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only make.”
John Cage
The aim of this workshop is to explore playful ways in which images and visual information can be generated and developed through drawing. By working with individual imagery gathered in sketch books, photographs etc, we will be trying to exploit the potential of sometimes the most simple and mundane scraps of image, mark and shape. 

About Matthew

Matthew Harris studied at Goldsmiths College and makes work in both paper and cloth that is primarily concerned with the exploration and exploitation of abstract imagery.

Matthew has work in the Crafts Council Collection and the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. He has exhibited widely throughout the U.K, Europe, U.S.A and Japan and in 2010 was short-listed for the first Arts Foundation Award for Textile Art.

My courses are about encouraging students to develop ways in which to generate a personal visual language through a variety of materials and processes that include drawing and making.

My own work has many starting points but at its heart is a ritual of making and unmaking that is about exploring the relationship between process, material and imagery.