Lund Gallery

Lund Gallery is the studio gallery of Landscape Artists Debbie Loane. 

The Gallery is open the first full weekend of every month (apart from January). We also host one or two major shows each year.
Last November we hosted a show of wonderful work from five Yorkshire based artists - see below. 
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Bren Head

Lesley Seeger

Ian McCulley

Steph Black

Debbie Loane

4th November to 3rd December 2017

Delighted to be hosting an exhibition of new work from Bren, Lesley, Ian and Steph along with my own new work this November. 

Meet the artists - 11am to 1pm on the 4th November

See below for more details of the artists and their work...

Debbie Loane

“As we move into autumn I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the changing seasons – to look back my spent time painting and drawing over spring and summer on the rugged Scottish coast line at St Abbs, the Yorkshire coastline around Runswick Bay, and my fascination for the local area around Sutton Bank and Roulston Scar”

To find out more about Debbie see her web-page here

Bren Head

I look forward showing new paintings of heads and figures, combined with a selection of small abstract forms in the beautiful and inspiring surroundings of  the Lund Studios. 

Whether  portrait or abstract, texture and surface dictate the final image which alters considerably during the painting process.

My portraits do not flatter , nor are they an accurate likeness.

Rarely real, they are almost always imagined.

Abstract work is developed through layers and glazes.

Scratched and scarred, the surface is disturbed to produce tactile elements within the work, until  something appears of its own accord, and has a presence uniquely different to one that is manipulated. 


Lesley Seeger

'I am standing alone in a field, paints and canvas in a wheelbarrow.
It is a sort of hunting.
waiting to catch something special in the landscape.'

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1958 Seeger spent her formative years in Northumberland, Scotland and Yorkshire. Freedom to roam, in landscape and the natural world from a young age provided the stimulus and inspiration for her painting.

Interested in capturing a sense of place, she works in the first instance in 'plein air' within the landscape. The work is then taken back to the studio to be developed.  The result is a hybrid between the real and imagined. There is a narrative sense to Seeger's work, as though you are stepping into an unfinished story. Her refined sense of colour, delicate mark making and imaginative re-interpretation of what she sees are hallmarks of her painting.

This current exhibition shows the journey from her more abstract work of earlier years, inspired by India and Sri Lanka which experimented with hot colours and layering, to her current work which is built on observation and portrays a lyrical interpretation of the English countryside.

A painter for twenty years, Seeger's work has been exhibited widely and is in public and private collections at home and abroad.  Her first book 'Coming Home' has just been released. It is a mid-career retrospective and catalogues almost all her work to date including her new Northumbrian paintings which comprise  part of her 'Special Places in the North' collection.


Ian McCulley


I work in groups of structurally related paintings. These groups are inter-related. They start but do not stop and I add to the group when inspired to do so. These groups can be numerous- up to one hundred structurally similar images or as few as six.

The initial starting point for a group could be; a failed image, a person, a book (preferably surreal), piece(s) of music (increasingly so) and of course, the landscape I see and live in. Other landscapes inform my paintings – seen or imagined- e.g. Dungeness or the puszta (the Hungarian plain). I don’t need to be in the landscape, I could be in a city but the painting process would be the same.


I studied Basic Design at Winchester College of Art, 3-D Construction at Southampton College of Art and Trent Park College, London. I began painting in 1980, initially applying paint to constructions I had made, and then constructing paintings in 2-D on canvas and paper.

Steph Black

We've had the pleasure of showing Steph's ceramics at Lund Gallery for several years - great to welcome her back with some of her new work...

Steph has always been inspired by weathered surfaces and what can be found beneath. This inspiration is expressed through the ceramics she creates.

Gallery Opening Hours:
When we're not having a show the gallery is open on the first full week of every month -  11am 'til 4pm.

AND - in 2018 we are not opening in January.


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