Laurie Steen RWA

Drawing and Intuition

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June 2018

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"Throughout this 3 day course we will be testing a variety of monochromatic mediums and surfaces, exploring the way in which we draw by further developing our drawing skills.  We will also be letting our drawing mediums guide our creativity, allowing us to focus on our drawing processes and drawing language which is unique to each of us.  This could mean owning a specific ability with tone, line or surface, or perhaps the perfect medium or drawing tool that works for you. Our aim is to loosen up and draw without inhibition.

We will also explore different techniques like shadow drawing, movement drawing, blind contour drawing and emotive sketching in order to work through our perceptions around drawing.  The exercises will be aimed at allowing us to loosen up and explore the concept of Edges, Space and Shapes in a way that doesn’t continually reference our stored symbolic concepts of a subject. The exciting part is focusing on how each of us records this information!  

Drawings are as unique and personal as their creator.  They are expressive gestures and authentic handmade things.  They can can be quiet or loud, figurative, mathematical or fleeting.  But most of all good drawings have been made intuitively.  Each of us have a way of working which is instinctive and unique, and knowing how to access this and to be able to recognise this when it happens can help each of us grow in our own working processes at the same time as pushing our creative boundaries.

We will also look to the landscape and share ideas on how we would respond to specific subjects and forms in nature as we come across them, making beautiful what is commonplace, the everyday."

About Laurie

Through her workshops, Laurie has been teaching alongside artists and students of all ages, where she is actively involved in working to engage and inspire students to simply, ‘lose their inhibition to draw’. 

Laurie has worked with organizations like Dartmoor Arts, Beaford Arts, Bristol Drawing School and Coombe Farm Studios. She has said;  “I particularly love teaching outdoors, where students are not only encouraged to use nature as a subject but also for the tools one uses to draw, allowing the natural environment to inform working methods and processes.”

An established artist in Canada where she was born, Laurie continues to exhibit in Canada, Switzerland and the UK, where she has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions and collaborated on interdisciplinary, performance and design based projects, over the last 20 years. Laurie lives and works in Devon.