Jonathan Shearer

Explore Paint Outdoors

Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th July 2018 


"The aim of this workshop is to explore the versatility of painting and drawing through the process of mark making and how to translate our direct response to the landscape .Working directly in the landscape we will explore ways of working in sketchbooks up to how to work on a large scale outdoors. During the workshop I will do a variety of demonstrations on different techniques."

About Jonathan

The main concern of my work is to convey my visual response and physical engagement to the environment i find myself in at the time.I work predominantly en plein air as this gives the work a spontaneity and integrity seldom achieved in the studio.Working on site also allows me more freedom to explore my process of mark-making in direct response to the subject matter.

Through a process of walking and drawing in the landscape i have developed an intimate knowledge of the wild places in Scotland.In my work i aim to translate the experiences of wild places,the wind in your face,the soft bogginess of the ground,the sheer exhilaration of wild places.

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