Jennifer Tetlow

Stone Carving Course

Jennifer will be running two courses:

Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th May 2018
Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th July 2018 


Over the three days you will take a raw block of stone and with a simple set of hand tools, turn it into your very own carved sculpture.   

Professional guidance and tutoring throughout will ensure you quickly gain confidence with your chisels and learn how to work three dimensionally so your ideas are realised in stone.

All stone, tools, work benches, safety masks and goggles are provided for your use throughout the course.  Please come in sensible ‘worky’ type clothing and footwear – you will get dusty!

Selecting your stone.  A number of stones will be available for carving, including soapstone, limestone and sandstone.  Each has its own character, some are suitable for outdoors, some for fine detail, some for beautiful colour and texture.  You will learn about these so that you can choose a stone perfect for your sculpting project.

Deciding on something to carve.  If you wish please make preparatory drawings of your ideas as a starting point, or small models, or gather inspiring material for your carving and bring these with you.  Alternatively just arrive with an open mind, perhaps the stone itself will suggest something and direct your sculpture or perhaps you will work abstractly.  Either way, before we start carving there will be time to discuss your thoughts and work out how these can be best worked in stone.

Identifying a starting point.  Once your stone is on the workbench we will go through a ‘plan of action’ so you chisel stone away in the right places!

Initial roughing out.  You will learn which tools to use and how to begin creating your shape. 

Carving your sculpture.  Throughout the course guidance is available on further developing your form, adding details, deciding on surface textures and finishing your sculpture.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Tetlow has been sculpting professionally for some twenty years creating simple, tactile pieces inspired by local wildlife and the natural world.  She started working in stone after a chance encounter with stone masons and felt compelled to ‘have a go’.  Her love for stone and passion for carving is infectious.

You can find out more about Jennifer at her website: