Jane Bevan

Creating Artworks from Found, Natural Materials

13th October 2018

One place available - due to a cancellation

Join Jane for a relaxed and sociable day of walking, collecting and making artworks. We will begin with a stroll around the local area, enjoying the countryside and collecting seasonal examples of nature. These will be used alongside materials provided by the artist and those bought along by participants if they wish.

Back in the studio we will experiment with an exhaustive range of hand techniques such as tying, cutting, knotting, twining, plaiting and hand stitching to assemble small sculptural artworks and 2D collage. We will use waxed linen thread; wire; natural string; grass; reeds and plant stems for a truly organic rustic experience.  

Prepare to be surprised and pleased by the range and quality of playful artwork that can be created from found natural materials and a desire to create.

About Jane:

Jane Bevan is a Derbyshire artist, with a passion for English woodlands, who regularly forages for natural materials which she ties, stitches and binds together to make her artworks. Her materials are those which might otherwise be trodden on or overlooked, such as feathers, twigs, bark, seeds and thorns, reflecting the beauty and perfection in nature. She is particularly inspired by walking, foraging and museums, being a frequent visitor to the British Museum and the Pitt Rivers in Oxford.

Following a 25 year career as a curator in public galleries, Jane went to Derby University to study Craft and graduated with a first class degree in 2011. She exhibits her work at shows and galleries in the UK and runs workshops with all ages from pre-school to older generations which can be held in a range of venues from the forest to hospital wards.

Facebook: janebevan.forager 

Twitter: @janebevan01/ 

Instagram @janebevan01
web : http://janebevan.co.uk/

Short film by R&A Collaborations: https://vimeo.com/123224401