Debbie Loane

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Abstracting the Landscape
Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th June 2019
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This is a 3 day course is aimed at those painters interested in exploring ways of developing their own personal language relating to landscape beyond the realms of representation.

We will begin by examining the work of artists whose practise demonstrates a deep engagement with the landscape and at how those artists have developed a highly individual language particular to their interest. 

Time will be spent visiting two different landscapes; one wooded, one with open and wide ranging views. During these visits participants will be encouraged to explore their personal response to place via different modes of abstracting from the landscape. We will focus on expressive mark making and brushwork, simplification and heightening of colour and composition and the use of texture and pattern. 

Further time will then be spent in the studio environment experimenting with different methods and materials, formats and scale as a means of further investigating and developing an individual response. 

There will also be an opportunity for participants to work in a large and expressive way in our outdoor painting barn if desired. 

This is course is suitable for intermediate artists and will involve periods working outdoors so some 'physical robustness' is required.

Expressive Landscapes
Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th September 2019

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Drawing and painting the landscape is as challenging and relevant as it has always been. In this exploratory 3 day workshop Debbie will guide you through different ways of encountering and interpreting the experience of landscape though sketching and recording and innovating with materials.

Through a series of guided creative encounters with the landscape together with time spent in the studio Debbie will encourage students to develop a personal language based on both intuition and observation. 

There will be demonstrations in a variety of mixed media techniques that Debbie uses in her own practice using both conventional and less conventional media, followed by plenty of opportunity to explore ways of developing a personal language. Working initially in black and white and focusing on mark and tone and moving into working with colour, both in a limited palette and expressively outcomes can be abstract or figurative.

Open to all levels and abilities, though some experience of drawing may be a benefit.

The Monochrome Landscape
Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd October 2019

Monochrome landscapes can be as simple and subtle as a charcoal drawing but can be complex and multi-layered works of great depth and subtlety. They can refer to the space around us or the spaces we carry within us.

In this 3 day workshop we will spend time exploring the diversity of monochrome materials from humble pencils through to oil paint and other more unusual and unexpected materials.

Students will be encouraged to innovate and experiment with anything we can lay our hands on including drawing implements gleaned from the surrounding environment.

Inspiration will be taken from other contemporary and historical artists working in monochrome from Van Goch through John Virtue.

This course is open to all who have an open mind, a keen interest in mark making and texture and a willingness to explore