Debbie Loane 

'Drawn to the wild expanses of the North of England'

Very pleased to have been invited to be the 

Artist in Residence for the Cleveland Way National Trail 

celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019. Follow me on my journey by visiting my Residency Blog - '109 Miles'

To find out more, read the press release from the North York Moors here

Since graduating in 1995 I have spent my time as an artist working in the North York Moors and the North Pennine regions of County Durham. I am now based outside of the market town of Easingwold, just north of York. 

I come from a largely agricultural background. As a painter working with the landscape I am constantly challenged to create work which acknowledges the romantic splendour of the Northern landscape, whilst at the same time being conscious that my work is rooted in the daily practicalities of rural life. As a result my work can take many forms - currently I am finding that my work is falling loosely into two categories:

Landscape paintings, in watercolour and pastel or oil, made both 'on site' or back at the studio.

'Drawings', personal and subjective investigations into my environment using mixed media, normally more abstract in nature. 

My drawings are not only a response to the visual but also represent an attempt to convey the subjective element in the perception and whole experience of my environment. 

I believe that every individual has the potential to impose something different and unique on what he or she sees. In this way contemporary landscape painting can give me the freedom to express not only the literal but also allows me to acknowledge pasts, presents and futures both real and projected, documented, or dreamed. 

The immediacy and versatility allowed by the drawing process offers me the freedom and speed to concentrate on developing an essential language and understanding of what I perceive to constitute 'place'. Some drawings have concentrated on developing a mark making system to reflect the unusual complexity of an area of land, while in others I have chosen to systematically build up layers and then remove them in order to mirror the physical processes at work in the landscape. Resulting works incorporate literal signs such a telegraph pole, pylon or landmark, while others give no indication of scale or orientation.


Since 2005 I have curated Lund Gallery, and the Lund is also now my studio and my family home - so naturally I tend to show much of my work here.

However, I am also keen to show work in other galleries, with the location of the gallery often being related to the inspiration of the work, including:

- Gallery Number Four - St Abbs
- Mouncey Fine Art - Barnard Castle
- The Courtyard Gallery - Appleby in Westmoreland


I was very happy to return to Jack Beck to teach on a summer painting holiday in July and teaching for the first time at Old Slengingford. I'm also taking courses at Lund Studios in 2019 and other locatins across the UK. Join our mailing list to keep up to date (see link at bottom of page...).

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Debbie Loane
07929 300654

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