Andrew Dalton

Printmaking with Acetate and Polyester Film

Saturday 20th October 2018


Explore the potential of printmaking with sheet polyester. Lightweight, flexible and responsive; products such as Mylar and acetate are responsive surfaces which encourage immediacy and spontaneity. Working directly onto transparent film, students will develop images from observation, preparatory drawings, photographic and other source materials, producing prints which combine the directness of monoprint with the controlled graphic qualities of relief print. This approach is a hybrid technique developed by the artist to liberate those who feel constrained by traditional printmaking processes whilst retaining the option to create editioned prints as well as unique one-off images.

During the day students will develop skills in controlling ink viscosity, inking techniques, free drawing with rollers and how to create positive and negative relief on the film surface through direct drawing.

About Andrew:

Andrew Dalton is fascinated by black and white. In print, painting and drawing he uses black, and its gradations to white, as the vehicle through which he expresses himself. Whether figurative, abstract or landscape his imagery represents a personal narrative; a distillation of moments that represent experience. A dragonfly, bird or figure can represent itself or a memory of an event, place or time. He tries to create arresting images that offer the viewer significant but ambiguous forms to consider and fill with their own meaning.
Andrew trained in Fine Art Printmaking at Central St Martins under Mike Peel, Norman Ackroyd, and Tony Martina. This environment encouraged his interest in monochrome, black and white, intaglio and relief printing.

Since 2010 Andrew has been researching new approaches to his print practice, exploring relief monoprint techniques using vinyl lino, acrylic, acetate, archival polyester and other surfaces. These methods are very flexible and composite images can be created quickly, retaining a sense of immediacy whilst articulating the medium.

Andrew teaches regular one-to-one sessions at his home studio in Thirsk and for adult groups across North Yorkshire and further afield.
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