Alice Fox

Land Marks Workshop

Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th July 2019


The detail that surrounds us can be fascinating, if we allow ourselves to slow down and take it in. This workshop aims to open our eyes to what is around us, finding the potential in the ordinary and harnessing those possibilities to record our experience. With a focus on objects and marks collected on short walks from the studio we will explore various different techniques, making use of what we find: agricultural debris, local plants, the earth under our feet…

Explore a range of different methods to record experience of landscape, engaging with the detail of what you find around you. Discover the wonderful surroundings by undertaking a series of short walks from the studio (whatever the weather!), each with a different focus on recording and collecting. You will build up a series of marks, observations and found objects. Through a range of techniques including rust printing, mono-printing, relief and contact printing you will explore different ways to respond to your ‘collections’ and use them as a basis for simple handmade books, forming a personal record of your experience.

About Alice

"My practice is based on personal engagement with landscape and the work that I produce celebrates and carries an essence of what I experience in the natural world.

Much of my work is based on experiences of coastal landscapes. The beach and its hinterland can be the richest source of experience and discovery. Through the cycle of tides and weather it collects daily treasures and detritus by turn, providing a visual and tactile adventure. My starting point is walking, recording my experience through words, sketches, photographs and collected items. I notice lines, patterns, shapes and textures. I try to capture small changes: the way material is moved about by the elements. Wherever I am I take a beach-comber’s approach, found objects providing a tangible link to the places I’ve walked.

I work with natural fibres and gathered materials, employing natural dye techniques, print, stitch and weave in different combinations to create surfaces and structures. Found items, their identity often a mystery because of the action of the elements, form the focus of my response to a landscape. I take an experimental approach to these found items: by engaging with the materials that I find, manipulating them and experimenting, I learn about their properties, boundaries and possibilities. I use found items to make marks, allowing them to stain the fibres and stitches that I surround them with. This becomes a collaboration between object and artist.

My process-led practice has sustainability at its heart and is underpinned by my background in geography and nature conservation. I follow a line of inquiry, each result leading on to another question: what happens if I do this? In presenting my findings I aim to draw the viewer in, notice things they wouldn’t otherwise have seen or considered, change the way people view their world, even in a small way."

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